Salt Air, Hot Coffee, Good Food

EntranceCrisp fall morning, sun shining, blue sky, and the smell of salt air. What better way to start the day?

We are not ones for eating out often, except when it comes to breakfast. For us, there is enjoyment going out early, having a cup of coffee and a good hot breakfast at a local establishment. As the Alabama Gulf Coast grows and prospers there are numerous restaurants available for breakfast – not all local.

This morning we were venturing down the Ft. Morgan Highway almost to the end in search of Sassy Bass Amazin’ Grill. It is not one of those fancy places with flashing signs and a big presence. No you could pass it if not paying attention. The restaurant is part of a complex including a market, liquor store, gift shop, pizza/deli, and grill. Continue reading

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A New Pavilion, A Great Market

PavilionWe’ll admit it – we are addicted. Everyone is addicted to something and we are no different. Every Saturday morning, our adrenaline starts pumping and we begin planning for our adventure. The excitement is even more if we are in a new location. Off we go headed to the local farmers market and our fix for the week. Continue reading

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Back Country Trails of Rosemary Dunes and Rattlesnake Ridge



Rosemary Dunes, Rattlesnake Ridge, Butterfly Garden and Bolder Park, and the Indian and Sea Museum – interesting names and a great bike ride. On our last trip of back country biking, we decided to make it a day. After packing a picnic along with our usual water and snacks we headed out to enjoy another beautiful fall day on the Alabama gulf coast. Continue reading

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The Forest of Gulf Oak Ridge Trail

IMG_2216We could still smell the salt air and feel the cool breeze of the Gulf of Mexico but we were in the middle of a forest interspersed with wetlands. On this trail, on this day, the sun, cool breeze and blue sky would provide the perfect day for a bicycle ride in the back country. That’s right, the gulf coast has a back country and the salt air and cool breezes definitely add to the character of the area. The Alabama gulf coast offers days such as these to make great vacation memories. Continue reading

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Cotton Bayou and Twin Bridges Trails

Backcountry Trails Day Two

IMG_2215Another beautiful fall day on the gulf and another adventure into the back country. It is hard to imagine that a gulf coast island has forested areas and even varying heights, but it does. It is like a secret waiting to be discovered. Continue reading

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The Legend of Catman Road – Was There Really a Big Cat?

RestingIn the south when the weather begins to cool and the mornings are brisk turning into warm afternoons, biking becomes addictive. So it was the morning we set out for the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trails in the Alabama Gulf State Park in Orange Beach, AL. Continue reading

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The Dream That Would Not Die: 2 Miles Increases to 20

On the trail

County Road 2 or Catman Road as it was known to locals began as a farm to market road in the 1950s. As the area grew and the Beach Road was developed the County Road was abandoned. The Gulf State Park used part of the road within the campground area but the remaining road was unattended. Continue reading

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Old Spokes and Blue Angels

HazelSometimes inspiration is where you least expect to find it. Blue sky, warm Fall sun, light breeze, the smell of salt in the air and the scenic beauty of the Gulf of Mexico along the serenity of the Gulf Islands National Seashore all come together for a great bike ride. With anticipation of catching a practice session of the Blue Angles mid-way through our ride, what could be better? Continue reading

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Grits-N-Gravy, Elberta, AL

Doug and ServerElberta, AL’s claim to fame is their German heritage and their Sausage Festival. In this town of less than 2,000 residents their twice yearly Sausage Festival draws an estimated 30,000 visitors to each fest with about 7,000 pounds of German sausage being sold. Continue reading

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Where Trains Rolled – Day 2

Covington TrailheadSometimes you expect the same, only things are different. Our first experience with The Tammany Trace began from Fontainebleau State Park through wooded areas, quiet and relaxing. Today, beginning at the Covington trailhead was totally different. Hustle and bustle, traffic, workers, stores, and a mid-day market with people purchasing lunch. But with another perfect south Louisiana day and the trails calling, we began our second biking experience of the Trace by trucking our bikes to the Covington Trailhead and rode toward Abita Springs. Continue reading

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