World’s Largest Weathervane – Montague, MI

Weathervanes have been in existence since the 2nd century BC, so there are many and varied in design. They are also varied in size and decor and appear on various buildings, barns and homes. We are not weathervane fanatics and do not seek them out. That said, arriving in Montague, MI we were awed by the weathervane near the RV park where we stayed. Continue reading


Book Nook & Java Shop & Best Cellars Wine Bar – Montague, MI

Who says bookstores are dead? Sure we have our Kindles, Tablets, Phones and other electronic devices for reading, but there is nothing like holding a book and turning pages. So what about bookstores – they evolve. Whether or not the small town of Montague, MI’s bookstore began life or evolved into the Book Nook & Java Shop & Best Cellars Wine Bar does not matter. What matters is this shop with a long name has big offerings. Continue reading


Fetch Brewery – Whitehall, MI – Seating at $2.50/sq ft

Over time many structures take on new lives and enjoy a total change of venue. Such it is with the State Bank building in Whitehall, MI. The building was built in 1912 and since the 1980s was mostly unoccupied. That all changed in 2013 when Dan and Jen Hain purchased the old bank and began renovations. Continue reading


Maple Moon Winery – Petoskey, MI

Maple syrup – growing up in south Louisiana among sugarcane fields, maple syrup meant nothing to us. We had our thick, rich, sweet pure cane syrup. It was not until we began our RV adventures and enjoyed pure maple syrup that we understood how enjoyable it actually is. Don’t get us wrong, our first love is still pure cane syrup from south Louisiana. Continue reading


Ironton Ferry – Michigan

Growing up along the Mississippi River, ferries were a major means of transportation. It was only after the Interstate system was built that many of the ferries were discontinued. As we travel, we enjoy ferry transportation whenever available. One of the most interesting ferry trips was on the Ironton Ferry near Charlevoix, MI. Continue reading


2008 Dodge Ram 5500 Laramie for Sale

The next chapter of our life is beginning. We are selling our 5th Wheel and Truck. The next chapter will be a Motorhome and Toad. Our Toad has been purchased – 2011 Honda Element. Next comes the Motorhome.

All that said, we are selling our truck. It has been a great tow vehicle since 2009. Spread the word and let us know if you need further information.

Sale price $26,000

2008 Dodge RAM 5500 Laramie crew cab with a CM Hauler Back.  One owner with automatic transmission, approx 85,000 miles and rear wheel drive. Rear suspension converted from leaf springs to four bag Auto Flex Air Springs with self leveling system. Purchased new in July of 2009 and used to tow a 5th Wheel RV.  All regular maintenance completed in a timely manner.  Fuel mileage varies from about 12 to 15 depending on speed, towing, and wind. Approximately 14,000 miles on all 6 tires. All standard Laramie appointments such as leather heated seats, etc. Also has fold flat cargo floors in the crew compartment. Truck is clean and never smoked in. Truck has two compressed air systems, one for the air springs with a hose connection chuck on the back bumper and a second one in a side box for tires and miscellaneous use with off/on switch. Work light added to the top of the headache rack pointing to the rear.


Happy travels and many adventures along your journey.



Mushrooms Houses – Charlevoix, MI

As we travel we look for the unique, interesting and out of the way places. Sometimes we find such places and sometimes they find us. The Mushrooms Houses of Charlevoix, MI was something we happened upon. Not that we did not have to go in search of them, but our visit to East Jordan, MI did not include them since we knew nothing of the houses. Continue reading


Mackinac Island, MI

As the Capt. Shepler pulled into the dock at Mackinac Island, the first thing we noticed were bicycles, lots of bicycles. The numerous bicycles were waiting to be rented by visitors to the island. Since the island has no vehicles, bicycles are a major means of transportation. In addition to bikes, horse drawn carriages, wagons and flatbeds ferry visitors, baggage and supplies about the Island. Continue reading


A Ferry Trip With A Connection To Louisiana

The Capt. Shepler – St. Ignace, MI


Feeling the wind whipping our hair and sea breeze on our face brought back childhood memories of ferry rides across the Mississippi River. While once the main mode of transportation across the Mississippi, the ferries in our area have long ceased to operate. Not so in Michigan. Ferry service is the only means of transportation between the mainland and Mackinac Island. Little did we know our ride would link us to Louisiana. Continue reading


Mackinac Bridge – “Mighty Mac”

Growing up, ferry boats were a means of transportation for us. In fact, they were also entertainment; many Saturday afternoons were spent riding the ferry back and forth between Baton Rouge and Port Allen. As children we never considered just how important they were. Once the interstate bridge was built and river traffic became heavy, the ferry boats were parked. A piece of local history vanished. Continue reading