Grits-N-Gravy, Elberta, AL

Doug and ServerElberta, AL’s claim to fame is their German heritage and their Sausage Festival. In this town of less than 2,000 residents their twice yearly Sausage Festival draws an estimated 30,000 visitors to each fest with about 7,000 pounds of German sausage being sold. Continue reading

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Where Trains Rolled – Day 2

Covington TrailheadSometimes you expect the same, only things are different. Our first experience with The Tammany Trace began from Fontainebleau State Park through wooded areas, quiet and relaxing. Today, beginning at the Covington trailhead was totally different. Hustle and bustle, traffic, workers, stores, and a mid-day market with people purchasing lunch. But with another perfect south Louisiana day and the trails calling, we began our second biking experience of the Trace by trucking our bikes to the Covington Trailhead and rode toward Abita Springs. Continue reading

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Where Trains Rolled – Day 1

Trail“I hear the train a comin’, it’s rollin’ round the bend…”, we could image the chugging of the engine as it slowly moved along the tracks…the sound of the horn as the train approached an intersection… Continue reading

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Hammond, LA Farmers Market

WaresSaturday morning and we are off to a farmers market in Hammond, LA.  The market is in the historic area of town alongside the railroad tracks, which are still used.  Luckily for us no trains passed while we were shopping.  The market offered the usual items – vegetables, eggs, honey, jams, and crafts.  What set this market apart was their frequent shopper card.  These cards are popular with coffeehouses and eateries but we have never seen one at a farmers market. Continue reading

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Café Hope – Marrero, LA

Cafe HopeThe architecture is Spanish in white stucco, arches, large entrance doors, high ceilings, stone floors, and stories held within these walls.  You know there is a presence here but the stately old buildings, while in need of attention, are welcoming.  Although these buildings have many stories from the past to tell, they are now housing new stories and a place of courage where the past forms the future.  This is Café Hope. Continue reading

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Southern Sweet Potato Pie Company – Marrero, LA

BuildingGoogle had assured us that we could find fresh local bread at Southern Sweet Potato Pie Company.  We were not sure we really believed Google but the name was inviting and we were interested.  The non-descript building set back off Lapalco Boulevard was nothing special yet walking in all our senses were on alert, the cases were full of sweet pies, cakes and cookies of all shapes, sizes and colors.  But no bread could be found. Continue reading

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The Acadian Trail

MuralTo walk the history of our Acadian ancestors from Acadie to south Louisiana at the Acadian Museum gives us a better appreciation of who we are as a people and a better understanding of the trials and hardships endured to make us who we are today.  Located in St Martinville, everything at the museum is presented in both English and French.  French is the second language of south Louisiana and for some Cajuns it is their first language.  Just as the English tried to destroy families during the exile from Acadie, schools from the 1920s to the 1960s tried to stop the use of Cajun French.  But Cajuns are a strong and proud people and our heritage is important so just as the English failed so the schools failed and the Cajun French language survived and is strong today.  We Cajuns are proud of our past and of our language. Continue reading

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Dwyer’s Café – Lafayette, LA

MuralWith an early morning marathon of four farmers markets, our new personal best, we turned to our immediate food need – breakfast.  We were famished!  After asking a few locals we decided on Dwyers’s Café in downtown Lafayette, LA. Continue reading

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LA 31 Biere

Knott brothersFounded on a simple dream – craft beer to complement Cajun and Creole food and life.  This dream was six years in the making and began when the brew master was stationed in Germany.  Each area of Europe has its own beer and cuisine which makes traveling through Europe a culinary delight.  Bayou Teche Brewing has brought that delight to Acadiana, pairing the unique foods and lifestyle of south Louisiana with its unique biere.  Continue reading

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Grand Isle, LA Birding Trail

Grand IsleGrand Isle, French for Big Island.  This big island at the end of LA 1 is about 8 miles long and up to 1 ½ miles wide with a resident population of about 1500.  This big island may be small but it is rich and big in history.  The first documented settlements began in the 1780s.  Jean Lafitte and his privateers were based on neighboring Grand Terre from 1805 to 1814.  There are still stories of “pirate’s treasure” on Grand Isle.  In the late 1800s Grand Isle became a summer resort and it continues to be so today.  Although the island has been repeatedly damaged by hurricanes including land lost, the resilience of the island and its people should be apparent to any visitor.  On our third annual Mardi Gras on Grand Isle we saw new construction, familiar faces, beaches and open waters calling our fishing poles. Continue reading

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