Pikes Peak – Iowa

Mighty Miss“Pikes Peak is a must. Visit it and you will have a magnificent view of the Mississippi River.” Now Pikes Peak is in Colorado and no-where near the Mississippi River as far as we knew. We stared speechless as our neighbors were relating tourist info. We guess the look on our faces said we had no idea what they were talking about. Continue reading

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In Search of Mr. Boudreaux – Monroe City, MO

River ViewIn south Louisiana the name Boudreaux is common and can be found in almost any town. In central Missouri, not so. We came upon the M. W. Boudreaux Memorial Visitor Center outside Monroe City, MO. Being from south Louisiana we had to stop and find out about Mr. Boudreaux.
Continue reading

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Iowa Barn Quilts

IMG_4793Entering Iowa, one of the first things we noticed were squares painted on barns. It reminded us of quilt squares – colorful and well designed. Driving the highways, we enjoyed the various designs and colors. Our thought was – wow, Iowa celebrates their barns! Continue reading

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Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum – West Branch, IA

BuildingThe first thing we noticed was the building – small and rather unassuming. Upon entering there was this small town welcome feeling instead of all of the security and metal detectors evident in others we have visited. This was to be a rather unique experience, down to earth, sincere and educational. Continue reading

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Veterans Wall of Honor – Bella Vista, AR

OverviewIn our travels, we find most communities have some type of Veterans Memorial. Some are very small while others like North Platte, NE are more elaborate. They all pay tribute to local veterans in their unique way.

Bella Vista’s Veterans Wall of Honor is a walk through history. Beginning with the Revolutionary War up to the present day, conflicts are listed on a timeline. Continue reading

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Daisy Airgun Museum – Rogers, AR

CoverGrowing up in the 50s and 60s every boy in the neighbor probably had one as well as Laurie’s sister, Libbie. It was the perfect Christmas present or maybe birthday. Guns and boys just went together. And when the gun is a Daisy, what could be better. Continue reading

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Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art – Bentonville, AR

CoverBentonville, AR, the home of Walmart and where there is one on almost every corner. But there is much more to Bentonville than Walmart. The city is home to a museum which combines art and nature in so many ways. The setting alone is worth a visit but once inside we realized the museum depicts the growth of America through art and does it exceptionally well. Welcome to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Continue reading

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The Old Mill – North Little Rock, AR

Cover“Gone With The Wind” is a movie seen by millions over decades. One of the first structures seen in the movie is The Old Mill in T.R. Pugh Memorial Park in North Little Rock, AR. The mill is also believed to be the only original structure remaining from the movie. Today the park is enjoyed by tourists, area residents, as well as photographers who use it as backdrops for photographs. Continue reading

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Chapels in the Woods – Arkansas

M - CoverMeditation is good for the body and soul. When serene surroundings are added, the experience becomes even deeper. Now add wood, glass and nature and time stands still. Continue reading

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Hermann MO Farmers Market

PurchasesOur typical Saturday morning includes shopping at a farmers market. This Saturday it was Hermann, MO, the picturesque town with German architecture and heritage. We never know what we will find or how many farmers will be selling. Today was a slim market yet full of options. Continue reading

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