Searching for a Home – Gillett, AR

Dog Trot HouseAfter telling the story of Arkansas Post for over 35 years, the state park was without a home for thirty years, but the treasures and memories were honored and saved by the people of Arkansas County. The Arkansas Post State Park was established in 1929 outside Gillett, AR. The park gave visitors a view of life along the Arkansas River from the European explores until the destruction from the Civil War. In 1964 the National Park Service took over the park and it became a National Memorial, Arkansas Post. The state park was left without a home. Continue reading

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Arkansas Post National Memorial – Gillett, AR

Picnic SettingIn the quietness of this wooded area we could envision early settlers who paddled their canoes on the river and landed in this serene spot. A fort would be established and fought for by many nationalities. But today it was the perfect setting for our picnic lunch. Continue reading

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Poverty Point Historical Site – Epps, LA

FacilityDirt moving – no problem, just have the proper equipment and it is done very quickly. Now think about moving dirt using only baskets carrying fifty pounds per load. Using this method think about moving approximately fifty-three million cubic feet of dirt. Seems like a daunting task, but that is what the Poverty Point inhabitants accomplished between 1700 and 1100 B.C. They moved this enormous amount of dirt to build a complex of earthen mounds and ridges. Continue reading

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B.J.’s Diner – Leesville, LA

IMG_3601It is local, it was recommended, and there was a full parking lot – it must be good. Those three facts usually bring us to great places for Saturday breakfast. This time we were wrong. Continue reading

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Leesville, LA Farmers Market

IMG_3607Farmers markets are a special part of our travels. No matter how large or small, we enjoy shopping and purchasing from local growers. So it was this Saturday, we drove thirty minutes to shop at the Leesville Farmers Market. Continue reading

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Fredericksburg, TX Farmers Market

Our BountyDodging rain showers was becoming the norm for us in Texas. Yet, that was not going to stop us from shopping the first farmers market of the season in Fredericksburg. The market was advertised as having cooking demonstrations, local produce, music, wine tasting and much more. Now, that sounds like our kind of market – off we go! Continue reading

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National Museum of the Pacific War – Fredericksburg, TX

AdmiralTexas weather was not very nice to us. We seemed to be dodging rain on a regular basis. On this particular overcast day we decided to visit the Admiral Nimitz Museum in downtown Fredericksburg, TX. The museum had been highly recommended by many people. Continue reading

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Luckenbach – A Texas State of Mind

logoArriving at Luckenbach, we did not see “Willie, Waylon, and the Boys”, but we did see people. Some came on motorcycles, others in trucks, many in cars, and some in RVs. What a difference from our first visit some thirty years prior. Continue reading

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LBJ Ranch and Texas White House – Stonewall, TX

RiverAs we write our blog post, our thoughts and prayers go to the people of Texas. So much has been lost and damaged during the recent storms and floods including loss of life. Many places we visited were damaged and some are closed. It is hard to imagine what were once calm serene rivers have now turned into killer walls of water.

We began our day at the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park & Historic Site. The Visitor Center was our first stop where we received our driving pass and viewed a film on the life of LBJ. Then on to the exhibit hall with LBJ memorabilia as well as items from the German culture and Texas history. Continue reading

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Fredericksburg, TX Founders Day

The past colors the present as well as the future.

enjoying musicWhen the past is honored we better understand our culture and ways of life. Fredericksburg, TX honors its past as well as its culture with Founders Day. The event is held at the Pioneer Village and includes food, music, displays and hands on experience. Continue reading

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