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Broken Wheel Brewery & Fresh Catch Bistreaux – Marksville, LA


FlightIn a small central Louisiana city, you will find a small craft brewery, in a very small room, with small vats which produce beer with big beer taste. They may be small and can only brew enough to satisfy the needs of their restaurant, but it is definitely worth a visit.  Continue reading


New Year’s Eve in the Louisiana Swamps

“Look at the choppers on that one!”  One, two, four, seven, a dozen…more.  Alligators three feet to six feet in length gliding along the water near the cypress knees in and out of the swamp vegetation, sunning on the bank, or just being still in the water.  It is New Year’s Eve and we are in the swamps of Louisiana or at least in the swamps of the Paragon Casino Atrium Hotel. Continue reading