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Fredericksburg, TX Farmers Market

Our BountyDodging rain showers was becoming the norm for us in Texas. Yet, that was not going to stop us from shopping the first farmers market of the season in Fredericksburg. The market was advertised as having cooking demonstrations, local produce, music, wine tasting and much more. Now, that sounds like our kind of market – off we go! Continue reading


National Museum of the Pacific War – Fredericksburg, TX

AdmiralTexas weather was not very nice to us. We seemed to be dodging rain on a regular basis. On this particular overcast day we decided to visit the Admiral Nimitz Museum in downtown Fredericksburg, TX. The museum had been highly recommended by many people. Continue reading


Fredericksburg, TX Founders Day

The past colors the present as well as the future.

enjoying musicWhen the past is honored we better understand our culture and ways of life. Fredericksburg, TX honors its past as well as its culture with Founders Day. The event is held at the Pioneer Village and includes food, music, displays and hands on experience. Continue reading


Becker Vineyards – Fredericksburg, TX

IMG_3303The rain in Texas was daunting at times to say the least. No matter, we were determined to make the best of our visit to the Hill Country.  As Saturday dawned clear and sunny, we knew it was time to get out and visit the area and we knew right where we were headed – Becker Vineyards Lavender Festival. Continue reading


Cranky Franks BBQ – Fredericksburg, TX

20150505_134200In the middle of the Texas hill country in German Fredericksburg, you can’t get much more German. We were searching for good German food which eluded us (maybe three years in Germany had something to do with not finding what we were looking for). But take heart, this was Texas. And in Texas you are never far from good BBQ! Then we see an ad for Cranky Frank’s BBQ. Continue reading