Fetch Brewery – Whitehall, MI – Seating at $2.50/sq ft

Over time many structures take on new lives and enjoy a total change of venue. Such it is with the State Bank building in Whitehall, MI. The building was built in 1912 and since the 1980s was mostly unoccupied. That all changed in 2013 when Dan and Jen Hain purchased the old bank and began renovations.Their hard work and determination resulted in the opening of Fetch Brewing Company on September 29, 2014. While the beer is excellent, the transformation of the building is superb. One of the most unique features is the “Penny Lounge”. This is the old bank vault that is now a sitting area. The floor is composed of heads-up pennies which are spaced to equal $2.50 per square foot.

Where in the world did the name Fetch come from? We could come up with all kinds of corny ideas like “fetch me a beer” and more. Deciding to try and figure the name out, we turned to the dictionary. One of the definitions of fetch is “the distance traveled by wind or waves across open water”. Okay, Whitehall is on White Lake which empties into Lake Michigan and there was a nice breeze while we visited the area. So Whitehall is on the water and waves can make a foaming action, like beer. Not really sure how the name was derived, it is fun to consider all options.

Laurie’s beer was the Tree Stump Stout which is brewed with coffee offering a hint of chocolate. John went with a lower IBU and chose Dammit Dan, a pilsner. Both beers were worth the time to seek out this small unique brewery in a great setting.

Great tasting beer

Fetch brews beer, that is it. If you feel the need for food, you can bring it in to enjoy with your beer.

The beer is excellent, the locals were friendly and the atmosphere was warm and inviting.


Happy travels and many adventures along your journey

Outside Building Wall

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Mug Club


Outside seating

Building Wall



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