Maple Moon Winery – Petoskey, MI

Maple syrup – growing up in south Louisiana among sugarcane fields, maple syrup meant nothing to us. We had our thick, rich, sweet pure cane syrup. It was not until we began our RV adventures and enjoyed pure maple syrup that we understood how enjoyable it actually is. Don’t get us wrong, our first love is still pure cane syrup from south Louisiana.Along our journey in Wisconsin and Michigan, we purchased pure maple syrup at farmers markets. We always purchased small containers so we were able to buy in different locations. So here we are in Petoskey MI with wineries and breweries and a special winery using maple syrup to produce wine.

This was definitely new to us and a must visit to Maple Moon Winery. Their wines are maple based and some have additions of fruit flavors. Although the wines were not our usual type, Laurie enjoyed a glass of Maple Cherry Wine. While we did not leave with wine, we did purchase Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup. Yes, it is very good and smooth, like bourbon should be.

Maple Moon offers more than just wine and maple syrup. Products include maple sugar, maple candy, maple root beer and other local items. Among those other items is Moomers Ice Cream; local ice cream from a family dairy farm near Traverse City. Wine may have been calling Laurie, but ice cream was yelling to John. We each made our choice and headed to the outdoor patio to enjoy the day, scenery and a visit with Christi Petersen, owner of the winery with her husband Todd..

Christi and her husband Todd began producing maple syrup commercially in 2012. In 2016, they established America’s first maple winery. Talking with Christi we could hear her passion regarding maple syrup and the products they produce. A former educator, Christi is always ready to discuss the process of maple syrup and the history behind their winery. The name they chose, Maple Moon, is from Native American culture. The last full moon of winter marks the time for the maple sap to flow. This moon is also referred to as sugar moon.

Each February there is a “wineshoeing” event celebrating wine and syrup – the beginning of the Petersen’s businesses. For a cost of $20, the event includes a tour along with glass of wine and souvenir glass, bowl of chili to be enjoyed around a roaring fire. Need snowshoes, they are provided by Bear Cub Outfitters free for the event.

The event sounds wonderful; only problem we do not want to be in Michigan in February. If you happen to attend, let us know just how much fun it was.

Happy travels and many adventures along your journey.


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