“Knock You Naked Margaritas” in Natchez

Vidalia, LA – Where the hell is Vidalia? Across the Mississippi River from Natchez, MS. Ah, Natchez – Antebellum homes, hooped skirts, Confederate uniforms, Southern grace. Yes, Natchez has all that and more. Yet one thing it does not have is an RV Park on the river. Vidalia, on the other hand, has River View RV Park which sits on the banks of the Mississippi River, just down river from the bridge. There is a walking trail along the river, no bikes, which is great for exercising and enjoying the view.

We spent three days in Vidalia and enjoyed Fat Mama’s in Natchez each day for Tamales and “Knock You Naked Margaritas”. Of course Natchez has more to offer than Tamales and Margaritas, it is steeped in history.

We toured Melrose Plantation which is now a National Historic Park. Guided tours of the home give a glimpse into the lifestyle of the pre-Civil War American South and help understand the roles that slaves played in an estate setting. The home sits on 80 acres maintained by the National Park Service and stands as a well preserved piece of American history.

The Grand Village of the Natchez Indians is located in Natchez. The village consists of three platform mounds, an adjacent ceremonial plaza and associated habitation areas which mark the political and religious capital of the Natchez Indian chiefdom of the late 17th century and early 18th century. There is a reconstructed Natchez Indian house on the site. The museum in the village exhibits artifacts excavated from the site and sponsors public education events and activities.

We were lucky enough to have a private tour of the Natchez Cemetery, located on Cemetery Road and overlooking the Mississippi River, the Natchez City Cemetery was established in 1822 and covers approximately 100 acres of land. Even though the cemetery was established in 1822, there are markers with dates of deaths in the late 1700’s. Remains were moved from churchyards and private plantation burial grounds. Romantic, tragic and mysterious tales lie buried in the old graves. Numerous iron fences, benches, mausoleum door, tombstones and monuments are found in the cemetery.

Having enough Margaritas for awhile, we ventured to the Old South Winery in Natchez, specializing in muscadine wines. We also tried the Pig Out Inn BBQ, excellent BBQ in a laid back atmosphere. They have reasonable prices with a large selection. On our next visit we will explore the west side of the River, in and around Vidalia, LA.


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