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Becker Vineyards – Fredericksburg, TX

IMG_3303The rain in Texas was daunting at times to say the least. No matter, we were determined to make the best of our visit to the Hill Country.  As Saturday dawned clear and sunny, we knew it was time to get out and visit the area and we knew right where we were headed – Becker Vineyards Lavender Festival. Continue reading


Cranky Franks BBQ – Fredericksburg, TX

20150505_134200In the middle of the Texas hill country in German Fredericksburg, you can’t get much more German. We were searching for good German food which eluded us (maybe three years in Germany had something to do with not finding what we were looking for). But take heart, this was Texas. And in Texas you are never far from good BBQ! Then we see an ad for Cranky Frank’s BBQ. Continue reading


Wildflowers – They are a Blooming

Willow City Loop, TX

IMG_3138“You have to ride the Willow City Loop,” said a friend, “that is where you will see the best wildflowers.” We were anxious to see wildflowers and being in Fredericksburg, TX in April we knew the flowers were bursting with color. Only problem was this statement was made regarding motorcycle riding. Now we have a Dodge Ram 5500 and not a motorcycle – big difference. Once we were assured, BART could navigate the Loop, off we went and we were not disappointed. Continue reading


Red Poppy Festival, Georgetown, TX

IMG_2963War is never pretty and most memories could not be classified as bringing beauty. Most war stories talk about the trials and tribulations of fighting in a foreign country where the language is not understood and loneliness is a close neighbor. Amongst all the horror of war, sometimes beauty can be found. Continue reading


Sunken Garden – Georgetown, TX

IMG_2966We were tired and ready to relax. Biking had been enjoyable but it was now time to head home and wind down from our adventure. As we were leaving the park, a field of color caught our eyes. Not one color but a rainbow of colors and it drew us; we had to find out what this color was all about. Continue reading


Another Town – Another Bike Trail, Georgetown, TX

IMG_2938One of the joys full time RVing affords us is the opportunity to ride our bikes on a pretty regular basis, at least around a campground. Hailing from South Louisiana a hill for us is pretty much considered flat ground elsewhere. That means hills to others are akin to mountains for us. Continue reading