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East Texas Hot Links

pittsburg-signWhen traveling we look for the unique, interesting and out of the way places and foods. Think and act like a local is our motto. So we are in east Texas and everyone says “you have to try hot links”. Being from south Louisiana we are familiar with hot and are always open for new experiences. Well this one was different. Continue reading


Witness Park and Prayer Tower – Pittsburg, TX

PittstowerChickens and bells – not so connected. In Pittsburg, TX they are closely related. Every hour four Paccard bells from France chime and play hymns from the Prayer Tower in Witness Park. Okay so what about the chickens? The tower was a gift to the town from Bo Pilgrim, one of the founders of Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. Continue reading


Texas Depression Era Roadside Park – Mt. Vernon, TX

parkTexas is a BIG state and in the 1930s it must have seemed even larger when traveling. This was a time when cars traveled slower with no air conditioning or other comforts. Stopping and resting was important for the occupants as well as the vehicle. The State of Texas realized this and began building roadside parks during the depression. Using young labor through the National Youth Administration, over 600 parks were built throughout Texas. Continue reading


International Boundary – Republic of Texas and Louisiana

CoverMass on Sunday mornings can lead to many different things. This particular Sunday we were invited to share breakfast with the parishioners. We not only learned about their parish and its rich history we also learned of an international boundary within the continental United States – the last such one know. Continue reading


The Church of St. Anne – Robeline, Louisiana

Texans love their history and their state – this is a fact. Yet we learned a little bit of early Texas history in Louisiana today.

20160824_113350Who knew – the first capital of Tejas (Spanish Texas) was in present day Louisiana. Yes, all my Texas friends, that is correct. How did Cajuns come to know Texas history? We went to Mass at The Church of St. Anne near Robeline, LA. Continue reading


Fredericksburg, TX Farmers Market

Our BountyDodging rain showers was becoming the norm for us in Texas. Yet, that was not going to stop us from shopping the first farmers market of the season in Fredericksburg. The market was advertised as having cooking demonstrations, local produce, music, wine tasting and much more. Now, that sounds like our kind of market – off we go! Continue reading


National Museum of the Pacific War – Fredericksburg, TX

AdmiralTexas weather was not very nice to us. We seemed to be dodging rain on a regular basis. On this particular overcast day we decided to visit the Admiral Nimitz Museum in downtown Fredericksburg, TX. The museum had been highly recommended by many people. Continue reading


LBJ Ranch and Texas White House – Stonewall, TX

RiverAs we write our blog post, our thoughts and prayers go to the people of Texas. So much has been lost and damaged during the recent storms and floods including loss of life. Many places we visited were damaged and some are closed. It is hard to imagine what were once calm serene rivers have now turned into killer walls of water.

We began our day at the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park & Historic Site. The Visitor Center was our first stop where we received our driving pass and viewed a film on the life of LBJ. Then on to the exhibit hall with LBJ memorabilia as well as items from the German culture and Texas history. Continue reading


Fredericksburg, TX Founders Day

The past colors the present as well as the future.

enjoying musicWhen the past is honored we better understand our culture and ways of life. Fredericksburg, TX honors its past as well as its culture with Founders Day. The event is held at the Pioneer Village and includes food, music, displays and hands on experience. Continue reading