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A Ferry Trip With A Connection To Louisiana

The Capt. Shepler – St. Ignace, MI


Feeling the wind whipping our hair and sea breeze on our face brought back childhood memories of ferry rides across the Mississippi River. While once the main mode of transportation across the Mississippi, the ferries in our area have long ceased to operate. Not so in Michigan. Ferry service is the only means of transportation between the mainland and Mackinac Island. Little did we know our ride would link us to Louisiana. Continue reading


Mackinac Bridge – “Mighty Mac”

Growing up, ferry boats were a means of transportation for us. In fact, they were also entertainment; many Saturday afternoons were spent riding the ferry back and forth between Baton Rouge and Port Allen. As children we never considered just how important they were. Once the interstate bridge was built and river traffic became heavy, the ferry boats were parked. A piece of local history vanished. Continue reading


Wawatam Lighthouse St. Ignace MI

A lighthouse is not always a lighthouse. Okay, a lighthouse may not always be an operational lighthouse. From 1998 to 2004, travelers stopping at the Monroe MI Welcome Center on I-75 were greeted by a lighthouse. The lighthouse was not operational yet it paid homage to the more than 200 lighthouses in Michigan. In 2004 when the center was renovated, the lighthouse lost its home. In steps St. Ignace MI… Continue reading