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The Chocolate Café – Zachary, LA

Mini Cinnamon Bites and Chocolate Baklava

Mini Cinnamon Buns and Chocolate Baklava

When John approaches “the edge” Laurie knows he either needs food, caffeine or both.  So we’re driving around Zachary, LA mid-morning desperately searching for a coffee house.  Droid tells us, “no Starbucks, no CC’s (Community Coffee’s coffeehouses)…not much around.  Close to desperation John looked around and says, “The Chocolate Café”!  On the front was a neon Coffee sign – we’re parked and going in. Continue reading


Winds They are a Blowin!

Ranch EntranceWinds are gusting, interstate traffic sign flashing, Terry Bison Ranch RV Campground – yes we are exiting and stopping!

Approaching Cheyenne, WY, the winds were gusting to 50 mph and the flashing lights were alerting high profile vehicles to exit.  Exit we did and stopped at Terry Bison Ranch RV Campground. Continue reading


Bowie, TX

CowboyBowie, TX was to be an overnight stop and then back on the road.  The truck did not even get unhooked.  There is not much to Bowie and even less to the Passport Park we are staying in.  Getting ready to leave this morning we each did our usual walk around and then we checked lights.  For some reason the left tail light would light yet no signal, emergency flasher or break light; yikes!  No worry, call Good Sam Roadside Assistance.  Yikes again; it is Memorial Day and no Mobile RV Repair is available.  The best they can do is tomorrow morning.  We also tried to locate someone with no luck. Continue reading


On The Road Again!

PeacefulHitched up, all secure, ready to go!  Pulled out and the hitch is making an awful grinding sound and vibrating to beat the band.  What to do?  We have a 5th Airborne and the company had sent us a modification kit.  It was installed, no problem yet the noise was deafening and concerning.  Of course, it was Saturday so no chance talking with anyone at the company.  So we did what we always do when we have a RV issue – headed to “Babin RV Park”. Continue reading