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World’s Largest Weathervane – Montague, MI

Weathervanes have been in existence since the 2nd century BC, so there are many and varied in design. They are also varied in size and decor and appear on various buildings, barns and homes. We are not weathervane fanatics and do not seek them out. That said, arriving in Montague, MI we were awed by the weathervane near the RV park where we stayed. Continue reading


Book Nook & Java Shop & Best Cellars Wine Bar – Montague, MI

Who says bookstores are dead? Sure we have our Kindles, Tablets, Phones and other electronic devices for reading, but there is nothing like holding a book and turning pages. So what about bookstores – they evolve. Whether or not the small town of Montague, MI’s bookstore began life or evolved into the Book Nook & Java Shop & Best Cellars Wine Bar does not matter. What matters is this shop with a long name has big offerings. Continue reading