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Headwaters of the Mississippi – Itasca State Park, MN

Says allThe Mighty Mississippi – wide, treacherous, muddy, deep, calming, churning, and so much more. That is how we saw the river almost every day of our lives in South Louisiana. Growing up by the Mighty Miss, it was easy to take the river for granted. Riding the ferry across the river was a mode of transportation and necessary, then crossing the bridge was common place. We never gave much thought to where the river began or even how it meandered down to the gulf. Continue reading


Pikes Peak – Iowa

Mighty Miss“Pikes Peak is a must. Visit it and you will have a magnificent view of the Mississippi River.” Now Pikes Peak is in Colorado and no-where near the Mississippi River as far as we knew. We stared speechless as our neighbors were relating tourist info. We guess the look on our faces said we had no idea what they were talking about. Continue reading


Blue Sky – Calm Water

Dry landAs Laurie marveled at the quiet of the Bonnet Carre’ Spillway today, she remembered her view of the area in 2011 when the bays of the control structure were opened and the Mississippi River was gushing through.

Instead of flowing water, today there were people in the spillway biking, four wheeling, walking, and enjoying all sorts of outdoor activities. The blue skies, mild temperatures and dry weather had people thinking Spring and heading outdoors. Continue reading


Power of Water

The power of water!

Watching the water from the Mississippi River flow through  the Bonnet Carre Control Structure gave me a new meaning to the “power of water”.  On the River side of the structure the water  is calm yet coming out of the structure it looks like a fire hose on steroids.

Continue reading