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Civil War Interpretive Center – Corinth, MS

War is not something we think about yet it is part of our history. And the Civil War played a huge part in shaping our country. Corinth MS like many other towns was totally consumed during the war, playing a high price for its strategic location. The Civil War Interpretive Center explains why the town was so important during the war, effects to the population, and the outcome of actions involving the town and area. Continue reading


Borroum’s Drug Store and Soda Fountain – Corinth, MS

If there is a soda fountain in our vicinity, we go. So that was how we made it to the third continually operating business in Mississippi, Borroum’s Drug Store and Soda Fountain. Dr. Andrew Jackson (Jack) Borroum began the business in 1865 after his release from a Union prison camp. Today the sixth generation of Borroums operate the business. Continue reading


1884 Cafe at The Simmons-Wright Company – Kewanee, MS

The 1884 Cafe, located in the oldest continually operating hardware store in Mississippi, sounded like our kind of place. So through the countryside of Mississippi we went to Kewanee about 15 miles east of Meridian in search of breakfast. Continue reading


Red Bluff – Mississippi’s Little Grand Canyon

Columbia, MS was just a way stop between destinations or so we thought. Arriving at Mimosa Landing Campground with a site on a bluff overlooking the Pearl River, our view for the week was exceptional. We could have just sat, relaxed and cooked our way through our stay. But that is not us and so we explored the area. As usual we realized, never underestimate what an area has to offer. Continue reading


Lazy Magnolia Brewery – Kiln, MS

beerSpending a week in rural Mississippi can soothe the body and soul. Of course there is more to soothing than just sitting around the camp site. We enjoy doing and seeing as much as relaxing. Since this is our third time visiting this area, we have seen and done pretty much all interesting attractions. That is except Lazy Magnolia Brewery. Continue reading


Cypress Cafe – Bay St. Louis, MS

City HallLunch by the Bay is one of our favorite things to do when on the Coast.  Today was no different.  We went in search of the perfect café where we could sit outside looking out to the open water, feel the breeze and enjoy the salt air.  Only problem, the day was chilly and very windy; no sitting outside today. Continue reading


Second Round

What do you do when you return to a previously visited location?

As members of the C’est la Vie Camping Club, February was our month to host the campout. We were looking for someplace new, yet not too far away from the Baton  Rouge/Lafayette area. Clearwater RV Park in Carriere, MS came to mind so we
step out of the C’est la Vie box and planned a trip to Mississippi. Clearwater RV Park had been our home in September 2010 and having enjoyed the park and the area, we thought the club would also enjoy a visit.

Continue reading