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Welcome Center In The Center of the State – Louisiana I-49 North of Alexandria, LA

In our travels along I-49 over the years, we would notice a Louisiana welcome center North of Alexandria. The question being, why in the middle of the state would there be a welcome center? Never stopping, our question went unanswered. We were in Alexandria, LA for a family reunion and stayed in a RV Park not far from the center, it was time to have our question answered. Continue reading


Longleaf Vista Trail – Kisatchie National Forest – Louisiana

Little Grand Canyon of Louisiana

Facebook alerted us to the fact that each state boast a “Little Grand Canyon”. This item just happened to appear while we were in Alexandria, LA for a family reunion. Reading the article we realized we were less than an hour from Louisiana’s Little Grand Canyon. On go the hiking boots and off we go to see what this hype is all about. Continue reading


International Boundary – Republic of Texas and Louisiana

CoverMass on Sunday mornings can lead to many different things. This particular Sunday we were invited to share breakfast with the parishioners. We not only learned about their parish and its rich history we also learned of an international boundary within the continental United States – the last such one know. Continue reading


The Church of St. Anne – Robeline, Louisiana

Texans love their history and their state – this is a fact. Yet we learned a little bit of early Texas history in Louisiana today.

20160824_113350Who knew – the first capital of Tejas (Spanish Texas) was in present day Louisiana. Yes, all my Texas friends, that is correct. How did Cajuns come to know Texas history? We went to Mass at The Church of St. Anne near Robeline, LA. Continue reading


Broken Wheel Brewery & Fresh Catch Bistreaux – Marksville, LA


FlightIn a small central Louisiana city, you will find a small craft brewery, in a very small room, with small vats which produce beer with big beer taste. They may be small and can only brew enough to satisfy the needs of their restaurant, but it is definitely worth a visit.  Continue reading


Joie de Vivre Coffee and Culture Café Revisited

What's CookingLeaving church Sunday, as usual John was lobbying for donuts. Laurie was shaking her head fervently as we walked to the truck. The truck just so happened to be parked near Joie de Vivre Coffee and Culture Café with an outdoor sign of “What’s Cooking!” Laurie’s eyes veered to the sign and gazed upon Crawfish Flatbread. John was easily convinced and in we went to try the beckoning flavors. Continue reading


Headwaters of the Mississippi – Itasca State Park, MN

Says allThe Mighty Mississippi – wide, treacherous, muddy, deep, calming, churning, and so much more. That is how we saw the river almost every day of our lives in South Louisiana. Growing up by the Mighty Miss, it was easy to take the river for granted. Riding the ferry across the river was a mode of transportation and necessary, then crossing the bridge was common place. We never gave much thought to where the river began or even how it meandered down to the gulf. Continue reading


Poverty Point Historical Site – Epps, LA

FacilityDirt moving – no problem, just have the proper equipment and it is done very quickly. Now think about moving dirt using only baskets carrying fifty pounds per load. Using this method think about moving approximately fifty-three million cubic feet of dirt. Seems like a daunting task, but that is what the Poverty Point inhabitants accomplished between 1700 and 1100 B.C. They moved this enormous amount of dirt to build a complex of earthen mounds and ridges. Continue reading