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Thomas Rock Scenic Overlook, A View of Lake Superior

There are so many great views in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula it is hard to single out a few, but Thomas Rock Scenic Overlook is an easy choice. It offers a great hike together with the reward of amazing  vistas including those of Lake Superior. From the venture of woods and trails to cliffs views high enough for flatlanders from South Louisiana to truly be impressed. Continue reading


Moving an Island – Lake Superior, MN

Manajiwin – Snag Island – Five Mile Rock


All aloneEarth, Wind, Fire, and Water – the essence of our planet. Cultures have been celebrating these elements for centuries. None more so than the Native Americans along the North Shore of Lake Superior. They would travel out to a rock island in the lake and celebrate their oneness with the earth and its people. Continue reading


Split Rock Lighthouse, Lake Superior, MN

CoverNovember gales on Lake Superior are a force to be reckoned with – feared and respected at the same time. The wreck that is probably the most know today is the Edmund Fitzgerald. She went down 17 miles off the Michigan coast of Lake Superior on November 10, 1975. All 29 crew members perished.  While this wreck is in the forefront even having her story written in song by Gordon Lightfoot – “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”; there were other gales and wrecks that forced the United States to take action. Continue reading


Grand Portage and High Falls – MN

High & Mid FallsGit-che O-ni-ga-ming – In the early history of our continent, negotiating the area between Lake Superior and the Pigeon River was impossible with the many rapids, cascades, gorges and waterfalls. The American Indians inhabiting the region were determined to find a way around these obstacles. Their ingenuity prevailed and a nine mile trek was established – Git-che O-ni-ga-ming. An Ojibway word meaning “a great carrying place”. This place is a nine mile “highway” connecting Lake Superior to the Pigeon River. Continue reading