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Civil War Interpretive Center – Corinth, MS

War is not something we think about yet it is part of our history. And the Civil War played a huge part in shaping our country. Corinth MS like many other towns was totally consumed during the war, playing a high price for its strategic location. The Civil War Interpretive Center explains why the town was so important during the war, effects to the population, and the outcome of actions involving the town and area. Continue reading


Borroum’s Drug Store and Soda Fountain – Corinth, MS

If there is a soda fountain in our vicinity, we go. So that was how we made it to the third continually operating business in Mississippi, Borroum’s Drug Store and Soda Fountain. Dr. Andrew Jackson (Jack) Borroum began the business in 1865 after his release from a Union prison camp. Today the sixth generation of Borroums operate the business. Continue reading


Weidmann’s Restaurant – Corinth MS

Finding the oldest of anything was not on our agenda, but things happen when least expected. While traveling from Picayune to Corinth we happened upon quite a few oldest continually operating places: restaurant, drug store, hardware store. Whether they are or not is not as important as the adventure in finding these places. Continue reading