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Joie de Vivre Coffee and Culture Café – Breaux Bridge, LA

20150329_102509Joie de Vivre – the joy of living or in this case the joy of coffee.

We have been to Joie de Vivre many times over the last few years. The enjoyment of coffee and pastries to dancing on a Thursday night have made many memorable occasions. Continue reading


Let It Grow

Outside OasisFarmers Market deprived, that is what we have been.  On the road for four weeks and no farmers markets available to us.  Anyone who knows us; knows we purchase most of our groceries from farmers markets on a weekly basis.  Withdrawal had begun to set in.

Arriving in Cortez, CO we headed to the Colorado Visitor Center for information on local attractions.  On the street corner we saw a sign for “Let It Grow” having fresh vegetables and coffee.  Now we were really in heaven – fresh vegetables and coffee, on our way.  Unfortunately they were closed for the next two days.  No worry we would still be in town; add Let It Grow to places to visit. Continue reading


The Pony Expresso, Dolores, CO

TeresaThe Pony Expresso – More than just a coffee shop….a bakery, a gallery, a place to connect, unwind and enjoy.”

Coffee is embedded in our Cajun Culture.  We spent many an afternoon having coffee with our grandparents and parents.  It was an enjoyable occasion where we discussed the day, learned about our heritage, and looked to the future.  Now as we travel we look for those coffeehouses that give us that afternoon pleasure of fresh coffee and visiting. Continue reading


Solid Grounds Coffee Shop Elgin, TX

Solid Grounds – foundation for building, an anchor for stability, a great cup of coffee.

All of these definitions explain Solid Grounds Coffee Shop in Elgin, Tx.  For owners Tammy and Jeanne, Solid Grounds is the foundation for a gathering place in Elgin, TX where you can enjoy a cup of coffee made from locally roasted beans, live music, gospel to rock, on weekends, and Tammy’s homemade delectable treats.  They hope it will be the anchor that binds Solid Grounds to the Elgin community and brings locals as well as travelers in for a great cup coffee and conversation. Continue reading