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Second Round

What do you do when you return to a previously visited location?

As members of the C’est la Vie Camping Club, February was our month to host the campout. We were looking for someplace new, yet not too far away from the Baton  Rouge/Lafayette area. Clearwater RV Park in Carriere, MS came to mind so we
step out of the C’est la Vie box and planned a trip to Mississippi. Clearwater RV Park had been our home in September 2010 and having enjoyed the park and the area, we thought the club would also enjoy a visit.

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Tear’n the RV Apart…or, How to create a new Island Drink!

Carriere, MS – Up early.  Watch the sun come up over the pond.  Put up with the welfare ducks.  Fix breakfast.  Decide that we’re going to make a small repair to the RV – 10 minutes tops.  Of course I didn’t plan on the wall of the RV being a very hard surface so I had to drill a pilot hole, or moisture getting to the drill and not being able to change the screw driver to a drill bit in order to drill a pilot hole.  We found ourselves an hour later after our project thinking that a Blood Mary would definitely be in order.  This begins a search of the RV for Blood Mary makings only to be disappointed.  We decided that a Margarita could take the place of the Bloody Mary even if it was just 10:15 in the morning — hell; it’s got to be 5 PM SOMEPLACE! Continue reading


Poplarville, MS – What an Adventure

You’ve heard the chant of Tiger Stadium:




We decided this year we needed to get back to basics and begin to look around for a more down to earth football team where football was more community, honor, pride and sportsmanship. So, bye-bye Big Business College Football LSU (we sold our season tickets) and enter the Itawamba Community College Indians from Fulton, MS.  A friend is the Offensive Coordinator for the Itawamba Indians and so we hitched up Cajunville and headed north to the matchup between the Indians and the Pearl River Community College Wildcats in Poplarville, MS.  Continue reading