Second Round

What do you do when you return to a previously visited location?

As members of the C’est la Vie Camping Club, February was our month to host the campout. We were looking for someplace new, yet not too far away from the Baton  Rouge/Lafayette area. Clearwater RV Park in Carriere, MS came to mind so we
step out of the C’est la Vie box and planned a trip to Mississippi. Clearwater RV Park had been our home in September 2010 and having enjoyed the park and the area, we thought the club would also enjoy a visit.

Arriving on Thursday along with Steve and Marian, we set up camp and decided cocktail
hour and cooking were all Thursday would bring. The weather was great for grilling and visiting and the gazebo was the perfect setting.

Friday morning brought the other four campers arriving ready to eat. Our first venture out of the park was to Fat Boys BBQ in Picayune, MS. The weather again was perfect and we chose the front porch for eating lunch and visiting. The BBQ was just as good as it was in September and the visiting was even better. Someone mentioned coffee and dessert so of course Paul’s Pastry Shop was on the agenda – more eating and drinking. After too much dessert and just the right amount of coffee we ventured back to Clearwater for more visiting, eating, and drinking.  The highlight of the afternoon was watching the guys trying to resurrect an old gas grill to use – no such luck, although it was fun to watch their antics.  Okay, pull out the fire pit and grill and go for it – wonderful grilled chicken!

Saturday morning breakfast is a “man’s world”; in other words, the men cook breakfast in the clubhouse. More antics in the kitchen with the result being a delicious breakfast along with more visiting. One thing about this club is we eat and drink our way through the weekend.

The weather was warm and beautiful so a trip to the CrosbyArboretum was on the agenda.  This trip to the Arboretum, we walked the entire area.  In the hardwood section, there has just been a control burn and the smell of burnt wood permeated the air.  If you are only able to walk one section, make it the gulf coast section.  This section is much more interesting than the hardwood.  The hardwood section is just trees while the gulf coast section has varied plants, flowers and water.  After all the walking, we were ready for a short afternoon nap or more eating, drinking and visiting.

After a weekend full of fun, Sunday morning was pack up and head out to our next


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