Book Nook & Java Shop & Best Cellars Wine Bar – Montague, MI

Who says bookstores are dead? Sure we have our Kindles, Tablets, Phones and other electronic devices for reading, but there is nothing like holding a book and turning pages. So what about bookstores – they evolve. Whether or not the small town of Montague, MI’s bookstore began life or evolved into the Book Nook & Java Shop & Best Cellars Wine Bar does not matter. What matters is this shop with a long name has big offerings.There motto is “A Place for Friends to Gather Since 2002” and gather they do. There is always some event whether it is live music, book review, dinner party or just friends gathering. It is a happening place. We were not in Montague long, yet we visited Book Nook twice both times for live music. One night it was a single guitarist and the second time was a live band. Yes, we were able to dance a little – made Laurie very happy.

On our first visit John had coffee and Laurie had wine. The second time around we both enjoyed wine. In addition to wine and coffee, beer and other non-alcoholic beverages are offered. There is truly something for everyone. Enjoy a muffin, sandwich, sweet or other edibles.

Not only in the beverage and food department are there many offerings, books abound of every type, genre, age category. Then there are gifts, many with a local flair.

We enjoyed our visits to the Book Nook….listening to local musicians, talking with locals and getting a feel for the area. It seems everywhere we go we find it easy to engage local residents, find local ground, have great conversation and come away enriched. Montague, MI was such a place.


Happy travels and many adventures along your journey




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