Mushrooms Houses – Charlevoix, MI

As we travel we look for the unique, interesting and out of the way places. Sometimes we find such places and sometimes they find us. The Mushrooms Houses of Charlevoix, MI was something we happened upon. Not that we did not have to go in search of them, but our visit to East Jordan, MI did not include them since we knew nothing of the houses.The Mushrooms Houses of Charlevoix were built by Earl A. Young over the course of fifty years. Even though Young built thirty-one structures in Charlevoix, he was not a registered architect. He was self taught and like Frank Lloyd Wright believed structures should blend with their environment. Young used materials found in mostly in Northern Michigan including boulders, limestone and fieldstone. The structures are not only known as Mushrooms Houses but also Gnome Homes and Hobbit Houses.

Maps for a self guided tour are available but we decided to find the houses on our own. They were not always easy to find, yet it was fun to go in search. We are sure that many architectural aspects could be discussed. Yet we only wanted to see the Mushrooms Houses and not dissect their components.

If ever in the Charlevoix, MI area, be sure to put the Mushrooms Houses on your list of sights. We could just imagine gnomes or hobbits emerging from the structures.

Happy travels and many adventures along your journey.



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