Gladstone MI Lighthouse

The fall day was cool with blue skies and light breeze – the day just begged for a picnic. After visiting Peninsula Point Lighthouse we ventured to Gladstone. Plan was lunch at the harbor then visit the Gladstone Lighthouse.

The waterfront was peaceful with blue water, calm breezes and a picnic table overlooking the small peninsula; a great place for our picnic. The weather was cool, at least for us southerners because many, many locals were having fun in the water. Laurie was bundled up wondering just how cold the water might be. They were fun to watch – some playing volleyball, one guy playing with his dog and others just wading in the water. The more she watched, the colder Laurie got.

Let’s play ball

Lunch was shared with shorebirds who were brave enough to venture close. Obviously they are used to scraps and handouts. Securing our picnic basket in the truck, away from moochers, we headed to the lighthouse.

Waiting for a handout

Of Michigan’s approximately 250 lighthouses, Gladstone is one of the most recent.  The structure appears to be brick, yet it was built in a modern way using a fabricated shell. The shell has the look of staggered brick. After visiting lighthouses at least a hundred years old, this one does look very modern. Yet, picture opportunities abound.

No matter the age of a lighthouse, they have a romance and allurement. We will continue our visits to Michigan’s lighthouses enjoying the uniqueness of each one.

Captain and boy looking out to sea


Beauty abounds

Looking across the bay

A man and his dog


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