Borroum’s Drug Store and Soda Fountain – Corinth, MS

If there is a soda fountain in our vicinity, we go. So that was how we made it to the third continually operating business in Mississippi, Borroum’s Drug Store and Soda Fountain. Dr. Andrew Jackson (Jack) Borroum began the business in 1865 after his release from a Union prison camp. Today the sixth generation of Borroums operate the business.

We went for lunch and of course a chocolate malt and cherry coke. Always wanting to try local food items we had a slugburger as well as a hamburger for lunch. Legend goes the slugburger was developed during the depression when money and meat was scarce. Potato flour was added to beef and pork along with spices then fried in lard. They would sell for a nickel (slug) and became known as the Slugburger. They are found mainly in Northeast Mississippi and Corinth has a Slugburger Festival in July. 2017 was the 28th year of the festival. The modern slugburger replaces the potato flour with soy flour for added protein and fried in vegetable oil. It is served with mustard, onion and pickle. The burger is very flat with little taste. It is something that should be tried at least once.


After lunch we had the pleasure of visiting with Mrs. Camille Borroum Mitchell, Corinth’s first woman pharmacist and the first University of Mississippi female pharmacy graduate. Her great grandfather, Dr. Jack Borroum, began the business. An interesting fact in our discussion was regarding her great grandfather’s medical license. It has been lost and no one knew what had happened to it. A friend of hers purchased a map holder at a garage sale and could not open it. She came to Camille for assistance. Upon opening it, they found Dr. Borroum’s license.

John & Mrs. Camille

Lunch was very good and we recommend Borroum’s to anyone visiting Corinth. The best part of our lunch was visiting with Mrs. Camille and learning the history of not only Borroum’s but also of Corinth.

Cherry Coke & Chocolate Malt

Soda Fountain



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