Red Bluff – Mississippi’s Little Grand Canyon

Columbia, MS was just a way stop between destinations or so we thought. Arriving at Mimosa Landing Campground with a site on a bluff overlooking the Pearl River, our view for the week was exceptional. We could have just sat, relaxed and cooked our way through our stay. But that is not us and so we explored the area. As usual we realized, never underestimate what an area has to offer.


Red Bluff is called Mississippi’s Little Grand Canyon and the title is well deserved. This geological formation is continuing to be created by the natural erosion of the west bank of the Pearl River. The rim is approximately 400 feet above sea level and has a well-worn path which slopes sharply approximately 200 feet down to the floor of the formation. This continuing erosion has forced the movement of Mississippi Highway 587 at least twice. The erosion of the second highway is continuing to take place.


Eroding Highway

The colors are one of the most attractive features of the bluff. The rocks have various hues and brighten as the sun shines on them. One of the sad facts of the area is the amount of trash. For whatever reason, some visitors don’t follow the take it in, take it out rule. Looking at the colors in the canyon, we notice a small patch of bright blue and found it very interesting. Then we realized it was a Bud Light can which had been thrown down the canyon.


Come on down

The bluff cannot be seen from Highway 587, but there is a parking area on either side of the bluff. The bluff in now on private property with the owner living out of state. We were told as long as you don’t cause problems, you can go to the bluff and hike down. The day we visited there were a group of motorcyclist and many other visitors of all ages.

We were told one of the traditions of Columbians going to the bluff was to bring a plate of rabbit from Southern Fried Rabbit. We were in on that tradition, but unfortunately the day we visited Southern Fried Rabbit was closed for the Memorial Day Weekend. So fried rabbit had to wait for another day.


Old Highway

Red Bluff is well worth a visit, but know you are not only walking on private land, you are also walking on a work in progress. This work will continue for eons and will continually change and grow. Admire it, explore it, and help to preserve Red Bluff.


Beauty of the Bluff

Path down

Highway has become a path

John on the edge


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