The Anderson Center at Tower View – Red Wing, MN

What is art? It is an interpretation and can mean different things to different people. Having friends who work with different mediums makes our art world varied and unique. We don’t necessarily look for “out of the ordinary”, it sometimes finds us. So it was one lovely fall afternoon as we walked through a rather unique sculpture garden.

The garden is part of Tower View, the home of Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Pierce Anderson. The doctor developed “Quaker Puffed Wheat” and Quaker Puffed Rice” breakfast cereals. Tower View was their home from 1915 to 1921 and consisted of 350 acres with various buildings including a brick water tower. The tower provided water for the buildings and today the rotunda room at the top of the tower is a haven for writers.

From 1921 to 1995, Tower View served various capacities. Today Tower View (The Anderson Center at Tower View) is a haven for artists of all fields including writers, poets, visual artists, sculptors, composers, dancers and more. Among the studio offerings are dark room, outdoor kiln, glass blowing studio, blacksmith shop and printmaking.


Water Tower

Then there is the Sculpture Garden and all its uniqueness. It is a 15 acre open air gallery with an observation deck, walking trails, benches and interpretive signs all in a natural habit. This is one of the most interesting sculpture gardens we have visited. The spaciousness allows the sun to interact with the art giving different interpretations at different times.


Garden Area

Tower View is a unique and magical place to spend an afternoon or a day. We saw people reading, having lunch and like us, taking it all in.


Pictures from the Sculpture Garden and other areas of the Center.

Time for Lunch


Natural Foliage

Let’s Play

Entrance Way

Crocked Blue House

Sculptures are large


Horse of many parts

Main House at Tower View


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