Tear’n the RV Apart…or, How to create a new Island Drink!

Carriere, MS – Up early.  Watch the sun come up over the pond.  Put up with the welfare ducks.  Fix breakfast.  Decide that we’re going to make a small repair to the RV – 10 minutes tops.  Of course I didn’t plan on the wall of the RV being a very hard surface so I had to drill a pilot hole, or moisture getting to the drill and not being able to change the screw driver to a drill bit in order to drill a pilot hole.  We found ourselves an hour later after our project thinking that a Blood Mary would definitely be in order.  This begins a search of the RV for Blood Mary makings only to be disappointed.  We decided that a Margarita could take the place of the Bloody Mary even if it was just 10:15 in the morning — hell; it’s got to be 5 PM SOMEPLACE!

OK, no Margaritas either.  Now we’re in a panic that resembled an alcoholic after 24 hours without a drop and desperate for a next drink.  We came up with a bottle of Margaritaville Rum with Coconut infusion.  Laurie tells me that this is a complete drink, all we have to do is put it over ice, and it’s ready to drink.  Having disagreed with Laurie over such a minor issue before has given me the experience to determine, even in this state, that it wouldn’t matter if I were right or wrong; it would put me in the very state of seeking alcohol that I was already in with an added component.  I chose the better part of valor and we tested this theory with a straight shot of Margaritaville Run & Coconut?  Whew!  It’s a good thing the stove was not on as we pored the stuff right next to the burner.  I dread to think of the consequences.  Needless to say, my concerns about this “ready to drink” rum were correct and we were thrust into another mission to find a mixer for this wonderful tasting bottle of elixir.

No coke, no diet coke.  OK, what the hell are we going to mix with our rum?  We tear the pantry apart with the zeal of a college student getting ready to mix Jungle Juice.  Then, as providence would have it, there it was, hiding in the back of the pantry, an old can of Crystal Light!  Actually, how fortunate could we be –two cans of Crystal Light!  After careful consideration (about 3 seconds) we rescued the Tropical Punch from the pantry, pulled open the top, extracted the small sealed serving container, and ripped open the peel back top.  There we found this little round red puck which had remained hidden for so long.  But, it was finally liberated.  A little water and tonic (this one puck would make two quarts of precious mixer) with diligent stirring we finally produced two quarts of tropical punch, or something close enough to add our rum. 

By this time Laurie had made a trip to the campground office and purchased a bag of ice.  The moment of truth arrived — Yes!  I think we had something better than a Bloody Mary, even better than a Margarita, we had an original (at least I’m claiming its original) “Crystal Light Tropical Punch Coconut Rum Island Drink” that really went down too easy.  After several Island Drinks and a couple plates of Nachos, W. C. Fields words came to roost, “I certainly do not drink all the time, I have to sleep you know.”  With that, it was time for a nap to sleep off the effect of the Island Drinks.  Then we begin our day about 1:30 PM on Saturday.  You’ve just got to do this every once in a while.


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