Joie de Vivre Coffee and Culture Café – Breaux Bridge, LA

20150329_102509Joie de Vivre – the joy of living or in this case the joy of coffee.

We have been to Joie de Vivre many times over the last few years. The enjoyment of coffee and pastries to dancing on a Thursday night have made many memorable occasions.

On this particular Sunday after Mass, John was lobbying for donuts and Laurie had no interest. Instead she suggested coffee at Joie de Vivre, just down the street. The Café looked the same except most of the gift items had been removed. Once to the counter we realized they now serve full meals both breakfast and lunch. So much for the cup of coffee; it was now coffee and breakfast. Just reading the menu items was making our mouths water and we could taste each dish. It was becoming a fais do-do in our mouths, but decisions had to be made. Sweet potato pecan pancakes with sausage and fruit was a definite. And we could not pass up the big breakfast, not because it was large but because it sounded so good. In fact we could taste the flavors as we read the description and our stomachs were screaming feed me this.

This big breakfast consisted of a poached egg, grits, cracklin hash, sausage and a biscuit. Laurie fell for the crackling hash and grits; a bowl of that would have been enough for her. When combined together the flavors of the dish were pure Cajun!


Generally when we order pancakes with pecans, the pecans are broken up and are few and far between. Not these – the pecans were halves and large, with a great fresh taste. The pancakes had a full flavor sweet potato taste served with cane syrup. Any time cane syrup is served, the establishment receives a star.


The pancakes and sausage were devoured. There was a “go box” for the big breakfast – it really was too big for us to finish.

Once again as we left the café, we vowed no more food today!

Joie de Vivre Coffee and Culture Café receives as many stars as you like, it was that good. The café has ambience with a warm feeling and friendly staff. The food and coffee is served fresh and hot. If you wish to linger over your coffee, that is no problem. No rushing here.

Overall we highly recommend a stop at Joie de Vivre Coffee and Culture Café for a cup of coffee or as much as a very large breakfast.



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