The Owl

Owls nesting in the backyard and a wall advertising Owl Cigars – are these signs.

Gary and Molly believed they were.  So began The Owl Wine Bar and Home Goods on Main Street in Elgin, TX.

The Owl is a combination of vintage/gently used home goods and wine bar with an outdoor patio for relaxing and visiting with a glass of wine or beer.  The store is tastefully done with everything from ice cream bar stools, dining chairs, to settees and coffee tables.  The Owl is billed as home goods store meets wine bar. 

In talking with Gary and Molly, the proprietors, their enthusiasm bubbles forth and their excitement is contagious.  When I asked Gary why Eglin, he said they looked at towns surrounding Austin and saw growth.  Gary believes Elgin is a “hidden gem that hasn’t blossomed yet”.  They would like to be partly responsible with putting Elgin on the map.

Elgin’s population is approaching 10,000 and its Main Street shopping is 4 blocks long.  Doesn’t sound like much, yet I agree with Gary, it is a gem waiting to blossom.  Most of the buildings were built in the 1920s and have an old world charm.  At one time, Elgin had eight passenger trains daily; five cotton gins; a cotton oil mill; brick companies; and sausage factories.  Today Elgin is famous for its brick yards and sausage.  Two local sausage companies produce over three million pounds of sausage annually.

On a Sunday afternoon with a sky that was clear blue and the weather crisp, I entered The Owl.  I took my glass of chilled white wine and my Kindle and headed for the outdoor patio.  There I sat reading, sipping, relaxing and rejuvenating – try it.  The Owl is an oasis on Main Street, Elgin, TX.

Sitting Area


Relaxing Patio

High Back Chairs

Owl Cigar Ad


Molly at the Bar



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