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Lumberjack Tavern – Big Bay, MI

Murder, Intrigue and Rape in the UP

As we RV around the country, we to expect to find breathtaking beauty, local color, and food which is different from our South Louisiana roots…but murder, intrigue and sex? We walked right into it in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The UP was everything we thought it would be – breathtaking, rural, hills, beaches, unbelievably clear lakes – the list goes on and on. What we did not expect to find was intrigue. But that is what we found in Big Bay, MI at the Lumberjack Tavern. Continue reading


Captain’s Cove Bar and Grill – Ottawa, IL

After enjoying the Illinois Visitor Center on the Illinois River, we were looking for that special local eatery. We asked the person at the visitor center for recommendations and one was especially appealing – a local joint on the river. We headed upriver in search of Captain’s Cove. Continue reading


Borroum’s Drug Store and Soda Fountain – Corinth, MS

If there is a soda fountain in our vicinity, we go. So that was how we made it to the third continually operating business in Mississippi, Borroum’s Drug Store and Soda Fountain. Dr. Andrew Jackson (Jack) Borroum began the business in 1865 after his release from a Union prison camp. Today the sixth generation of Borroums operate the business. Continue reading


1884 Cafe at The Simmons-Wright Company – Kewanee, MS

The 1884 Cafe, located in the oldest continually operating hardware store in Mississippi, sounded like our kind of place. So through the countryside of Mississippi we went to Kewanee about 15 miles east of Meridian in search of breakfast. Continue reading


Weidmann’s Restaurant – Corinth MS

Finding the oldest of anything was not on our agenda, but things happen when least expected. While traveling from Picayune to Corinth we happened upon quite a few oldest continually operating places: restaurant, drug store, hardware store. Whether they are or not is not as important as the adventure in finding these places. Continue reading


Joie de Vivre Coffee and Culture Café Revisited

What's CookingLeaving church Sunday, as usual John was lobbying for donuts. Laurie was shaking her head fervently as we walked to the truck. The truck just so happened to be parked near Joie de Vivre Coffee and Culture Café with an outdoor sign of “What’s Cooking!” Laurie’s eyes veered to the sign and gazed upon Crawfish Flatbread. John was easily convinced and in we went to try the beckoning flavors. Continue reading