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“our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

The title of this post is taken from The Declaration of Independence.  The greater quote is posted on the front page of the website for America’s 20th Century Veterans’ Memorial in North Platte, Nebraska.

Their goal was to: “Build a permanent memorial monument dedicated to and honoring the men and women who served honorable during a time of war or peace.” Continue reading


You’re not a Texan until you’ve been to a Rodeo!

As the song says, “Don’t call him a cowboy until you’ve seen him ride.”   So, how can you claim to be a Texas until you’ve been to a Rodeo? We have a friend who is from Texas. Now this is distinct and separate from being a Texan. He grew up in Texas and even owned horses at one point.  But. . . I found out he had NEVER been to a Rodeo! Of course I had mercy on him, never teased him, or introduced him as, “my friend from Texas who has never been to a rodeo.”  As circumstance would have it we met he and his wife (otherwise a really nice person) in Custer, SD for a three week visit. They are fulltime RVers and we’re fulltime wannabes.  In RVing from Custer to Texas we found out that the NE State Association Rodeo Finals were taking place about the time we’re making our way thru the state. So North Platte, NE, here we come – -Rodeo and all. Continue reading


Mount Rushmore — Proud to be an American!

Proud to be an American!
Mount Rushmore
It’s smaller than we envisioned but no less impressive!  Yesterday we had a chance to visit one of our nation’s most visible and memorable landmarks, Mount Rushmore.  Crazy Horse, from the road (we have not visited the site yet) looks massive so we expected the same of Rushmore — not so.  Yet the feelings of pride in the USA were undoubtedly there at such a massive artistic accomplishment.

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Four down and four to go

Today marks four weeks on the road and four weeks to go on our “Trial Run” to full time RV travel. It has reflected life with ups, downs, and moments of boredom. We’ve seen fantastic sights certainly not found in South Louisiana, met wonderful people (plus a few toads), and certainly have a list of places to see ‘next time’. We’ve planned on staying places which we passed on for various reasons, stayed at places we would rather have not stopped at, and sometimes traveled farther in a day than we had planned. Continue reading


Tear’n the RV Apart…or, How to create a new Island Drink!

Carriere, MS – Up early.  Watch the sun come up over the pond.  Put up with the welfare ducks.  Fix breakfast.  Decide that we’re going to make a small repair to the RV – 10 minutes tops.  Of course I didn’t plan on the wall of the RV being a very hard surface so I had to drill a pilot hole, or moisture getting to the drill and not being able to change the screw driver to a drill bit in order to drill a pilot hole.  We found ourselves an hour later after our project thinking that a Blood Mary would definitely be in order.  This begins a search of the RV for Blood Mary makings only to be disappointed.  We decided that a Margarita could take the place of the Bloody Mary even if it was just 10:15 in the morning — hell; it’s got to be 5 PM SOMEPLACE! Continue reading


“Knock You Naked Margaritas” in Natchez

Vidalia, LA – Where the hell is Vidalia? Across the Mississippi River from Natchez, MS. Ah, Natchez – Antebellum homes, hooped skirts, Confederate uniforms, Southern grace. Yes, Natchez has all that and more. Yet one thing it does not have is an RV Park on the river. Vidalia, on the other hand, has River View RV Park which sits on the banks of the Mississippi River, just down river from the bridge. There is a walking trail along the river, no bikes, which is great for exercising and enjoying the view. Continue reading


Vieux To Do -or- HOT in the Big Easy

Two words describe the weekend – HOT & HUMID! Once you get past New Orleans in June, the Vieux TO DO Festival in the Vieux Carre is a favorite just behind The French Quarter Fest. Being hot is a way of life in the Big Easy and during the heat of summer we move slower and take a little longer especially outdoors and that includes festivals. This year the Vieux To Do Festival was the weekend of June 11th and is three festivals in one – Creole Tomato, Seafood, and Cajun Zydeco. Continue reading


Gulf Shores, AL – OK Now what?

We’re really not “beach people” — so what the heck are we doing in Gulf Shores, AL? Well, we’re water people; coastal dwellers; sea food lovers; and we love the salty air and atmosphere a coast provides. So at least once per year (this year in May) we make our way to Gulf Shores, AL, to Bay Breeze RV Park on the Northern shore of the Ft Morgan peninsular about half way between Gulf Shores and Ft Morgan. Continue reading